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The right tool for every part

We develop and construct our tools ourselves. The reason for this is simple: No two parts are the same. And it makes no sense to hand this task over to someone else. With our own tool-making facilities, we are more effective and more precise. Our internal communication enables us to coordinate the interplay of construction, tool-making and production processes in the ideal manner and to recognise and eliminate problems in advance.

Our construction department

We use modern programs to construct suitable tool shapes and architectures in accordance with customer specifications. Thanks to our many years of experience combined with our company knowledge and expertise, we are able to easily meet the complex and difficult requirements of our customers.

Tool construction and maintenance

We also maintain a suitable pool of machines for the efficient construction of tools. Our competent tool construction department offers additional advantages for our customers: We service our tools regularly to ensure production quality is maintained. At the same time, we are able to quickly and cost effectively make any modifications the customer wishes to have. Further, we will also store used tool moulds so that you are able to return to a previously used mould at any time, even after years.