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Metal in best form

Whether simple round shapes or functional and complex constructions, whether small or large series, whether for automotive or electrical applications - we have the economic manufacturing know-how for every stamped/bent part. The near-series production of prototypes is also part of our comprehensive range of services. Because with our own and highly competent toolmaking department, we are able to shape almost any customer requirement. We process aluminium as well as non-ferrous metals.

Please feel free to get an overview of our production program below, but don't hesitate to ask for articles that you don't find there...

...Your idea is our challenge!

Zylindrische Schlitzbuchsen

Cylindrical slotted bushings

Diameter                                                                        8-100 mm

Part width/height                                                           5-95 mm

Material thickness (steel)                                        0.5-3.0 mm

Material thicknesses (non-ferrous metals)          1.0-3.5 mm

Profilierte Schlitzbuchsen

Profiled slotted bushings

Diameter                                                                         40-90 mm

Part width/height                                                          20-64 mm

Material thickness (steel)                                         1.0-2.0 mm

Material thicknesses (non-ferrous metals)           1.0-3.0 mm


Half shells

Diameter                                                                  max. 100 mm

Part width/height                                                     max. 90 mm

Material thickness (steel)                                        0.5-2.5 mm

Material thicknesses (non-ferrous metals)          1.0-2.5 mm

Profilierte Halbschalen

Profiled half shells

Diameter                                                                   max. 90 mm

Part width/height                                                    max. 75 mm

Material thickness (steel)                                       1.0-2.0 mm

Material thicknesses (non-ferrous metals)         1.0-2.0 mm

Klassische Stanz-Biegeteile

Classic stamped-bent parts

Steel:                              Up to material thicknesses of 3.0 mm

Non-ferrous metals:    Up to material thicknesses of 3.5 mm

Stützringe, Klemmringe, Luftfeder , Balgstützringe, Crimp Rings, Support Rings

Support and crimp rings

Material                      Flat wire or strip material (Steel)

Diameter                     max. 200 mm                                  

Part width/height       max. 25 mm

Material thickness      1.0-3.0 mm

Product examples, at a glance:

We look forward to your inquiries and, of course, will also respond to your individual production wishes!!